Internet Without Borders for Europe Without Borders

As things do improve slightly every day in the camp; as police is behaving way less aggressive; as the transfer to the buses is much more humanely organised and people do no longer wait in lines for hours; as even the Red Cross has started giving out blankets; as now, there is place for everyone to sleep in a tent; as more and more other organisations are establishing their presence in the camp, and as our team is shrinking because people have to travel home, decision has been taken to fade out. This means that we are handing over our activities to other organisations on the ground to ensure the charging station and internet access remain available, as well as tea distribution, which is the only hot thing people receive in days.

Internet without borders for Europe without borders.

Internet without borders for Europe without borders. (Opatovac 30/09/2015)

We have been here for one and a half weeks, witnessing the situation, and often being the only ones actually providing help inside the camp. The first night we were allowed in, we were the only ones actually entering the sleeping areas. Without our contribution, refugees would not have had the opportunity to charge their phones and access internet while sometimes having to wait for several hours before boarding the buses to somewhere. Without our contribution, nobody would have cared to cover up people when they were sleeping on the ground outdoors in the rain. Without our contribution, so many people would have had to travel on without proper or any shoes and without warm clothing. Without our contribution, people would have had to endure the cold temperature without even a cup of hot and very sweet tea. Without our contribution, there would have been many less soap bubbles to put a smile in tired and sad children faces.

Soap bubbles at sunrise while Mommy is changing clothes.

Soap bubbles at sunrise while Mommy is changing clothes. (Opatovac 01/10/2015)

For ten days and ten nights, we have done our best to make this mud hole a less hostile place. The whole story is not over, even though people keep suffering elsewhere, it feels okay to leave this place now. Things are going the right way here. I am glad that I had the opportunity to be part of this, and will keep people's lit up faces, their gratefulness in my heart. Every single blanket, cup of tea, chocolate bar, tarpaulin, charged phone and first contact with family or friends, every single soap bubble counts. It is not much, it will not solve this global issue, but we gave a meaning to humanity, we gave people back some dignity.

Our people were the only ones providing help inside the camp.

Our people were the only ones providing help inside the camp. (Opatovac 26/09/2015)

The woman who sat crying in the mud last night, who could not stop thank me for just being there with her, hugging her, I hope she will find some happiness again. The little girl who screamed in her father's arms early this morning, I hope she will recover from sickness. The little boy who was so proud to help me carrying an empty box back to our tent, I hope he will keep giggling like he did that night for the rest of his life. The shebab who explained to me political issues in the Middle East at four in the morning, I hope they will find a meaningful way to change things. And the ones who were just asking to help us carrying the tea tank into the camp, I hope they will remain this kind and helpful. The young girls who timidly asked for tissues, and were so thankful I guessed that was not what they actually wanted, I hope they will find a safe place to become empowered women.

After a long night in the mud.

After a long night in the mud. (Opatovac 30/09/2015)

And while I am writing these lines, I receive a call. “How are you? Do you still have energy? We need experienced people in Greece.” Well, let me get a few days rest to see, but I have the feeling I am in. This is the job I want to do.

that's really a nice gesture!

that's really a nice gesture! i couldn't explain in words that how pleasing this is? its really great to know that people are doing better now there!
and i hope it gets better and better with time.


Thank you for your support, Mike, I hope the situation will keep improving too. My greatest hope though is that there will soon be peace and human rights in the countries people flee.

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