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For a workshop about youth in Palestine in a Swiss secondary school, I asked a few Palestinian Teenagers to introduce themselves to the Swiss teenagers in a short self-portrait. This is one of the texts I received from Palestine:

When you lose something, it means much to any human being; when your life seems dark and sad; when you see your dreams are getting crushed into pieces; when you see your family, your friends in need of your help and you can do nothing except praying for them; when you feel frustrated and you just want to hold on; when you see your home is getting extorted. Then, you'll realize that you are in Palestine!!

My life began with a shout; a shout of a patient mother who hoped a better life for her new son. My life began with a prayer; a prayer of a father who set high hopes on his new son, which he couldn't achieve. So I grew up hoping to be like my father, goodness; like my mother, patience.

Being Palestinian made me proud of myself and gave me real faith in my abilities and in what I can do through my lifetime. So I launched to make my dreams come true, seemingly oblivious to the reality which says Palestinians are under occupation. Unfortunately, there were many difficulties which faced my desires, on top was the occupation.

I think you have known much about my life as a Palestinian, whatever the media shares about us, but I think that emotions will play its turn effectively. However, none will understand our feelings as Palestinian 'till he\she sees exactly what is happening inside our borders. And if I stay two days discussing what we have here in Palestine, I won't succeed in getting the clear picture properly.




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I have been sent to Palestine and Israel by HEKS-EPER and Peace Watch Switzerland as Human Rights Observer in the frame of the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). The opinions expressed here are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of the sending organizations. If you like to publish the information contained in this article or disseminate it further, please first contact the EAPPI Communication Officer or Peace Watch Switzerland More information about our program can be found on and

Life is really confusing.

Life is really confusing. When our friends or family need us we were not present at that time. It is just a coincidence; we want to be there and help them to fulfill their needs.

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