Rock the Camp

When we reach the camp, the coordination team has managed to obtain permission for us to enter the camp, and day shift has already installed some equipment inside. We are told we are the only NGO next to the Red Cross to be allowed in.

People seek shelter from the rain in our internet tent.

People seek shelter from the rain in our internet tent. (Opatovac 25/09/2015)

Dark night, it is cold and raining. Supply and food distribution are closed. Whoever is supposed to run the camp is not even giving out blankets anymore. We are the only helpers inside the camp, so people come to us with requests of every kind.

They want to know what is happening to them. Where are the buses bringing them to? How long will they have to stay here? How to find friends or family members they got out of touch during their odyssey?

Internet and the charging station work hard for who has not yet found the courage to stand in line for hours to get into the buses. To those who do crowd behind the fence, we provide tea and rescue blankets for some relief against the cold.

Our tent runs on minimal equipment, but we are here, we are the only ones in here to help. We rock the camp.

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