Today, in Palestine: House Demolitions in At-Twayel

Today, in Palestine, 300 troops and four bulldozers were mobilised to demolish homes and a place of prayer. Today, in Palestine, 27 people, 19 of them children, were made homeless. Today, in Palestine, the village of At-Twayelwas almost completely wiped out. But today, in Palestine, people stay sumood. All we can do to help, is tell their story.

Today, early in the morning, in At-Twayel, Palestine...

Early Morning in Tawayel

... four Bulldozers showed up, because the houses, so the Israeli Authorities say, are not allowed on this ground.

Bulldozers in Tawayel

"This is Israeli land" a policeman told us, "there can be mosques on Palestinian land, but there cannot be a mosque here."

Broken Window

So all they left of the mosque, were the broken loudspeakers from the minaret.

The Remainders of the Mosque

Today, in At-Twayel, Palestine the school was closed.

No School Today

Today, in Palestine, Lubna and her brother were dragged out of bed by policemen at 3 a.m


Lubna's Brother

Today, in Palestine, Lana, Dunia and Diana had to watch their houses being demolished before their eyes.

Lana, Dunia and Diana

Today, in Palestine, even facing the demolition of their house, Palestinian will invite you for tea and serve you bread and cheese in front of what few hours earlier was their house

What a Few Hours Earlier was her House

Isn't it ironic though, that today, in Palestine, while homes and places of prayers are destroyed, we face a wonderful sunrise over the Jordan Valley, and policemen are joking around just a few hundert meters up the hill.

Sunrise and joking policemen

Today, in Palestine, the troops have left At-Twayel and took the bulldozers with them, for how long?

They are leaving

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I have been sent to Palestine and Israel by HEKS-EPER and Peace Watch Switzerland as Human Rights Observer in the frame of the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). The opinions expressed here are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of the sending organizations. If you like to publish the information contained in this article or disseminate it further, please first contact the EAPPI Communication Officer or Peace Watch Switzerland More information about our program can be found on and

House demolitions

This made me cry - as have so many stories like this in the year since I left Palestine as an EA! Keep spreading the word - this madness has to stop!!

demolished houses

Oh my oh my ...
In 2012 I served the Yanoun team for EAPPI and we saw a demolition in Ibtziq. Never, never I will forget the faces of people without possessions, the view of these terrible destructed homes and animal shelters.
Lots of success for you out there on the ground!


On Monday, 28. April 2014, Israel's High Court ordered the state to submit, within 90 days, proposals to include the Palestinians in the planning procedures in Area C (which according to B'Tselem covers 60% of the West Bank and is under complete control of the Israeli Authorities, more information here Meanwhile, we learn about increased demolition activities all across the West Bank.

About the High Court's decision:

About Tawayel:

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