On the road for human rights

After an assignment as a Human Rights Observer in Palestine during spring and summer 2014, I was recruited to work from December 2014 to June 2015 in the Ebola Emergency Response in Guinea. Since summer 2015, more and more people flee war and inhumane living conditions in the Near and Middle East as well as in East Africa. They try to reach Western Europe, but it is a difficult and attriting journey. In autumn 2015, I travelled to the outer EU border to provide basic and dearly needed help to the lucky ones who had managed to come that far.

Back home from a stay in Egypt in winter 2016, I decided for personal reasons to remain in the bubble, where people complain when the train is three minutes late. It is not easy to write good stories from far away, I prefer to write about stories I witnessed with my own eyes. But that's how things are right now, I'll keep sharing thoughts about Human Rights anyhow and keep in touch with friends all around the world.

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