Friday Prayer in Qaryut

Today, in Palestine, people see their land confiscated, their access to the main road blocked and all they do is go there to pray just to show this land is theirs. Today, in Palestine, the army shows up and tries to intimidate them coming close and playing with teargas grenades. When in the end, they leave peacefully, not even one stone is thrown, today, in Palestine, the army starts to shot teargas in the crowd and over their head in the direction they run.

Ahlan wa-sahlan fi Yanoun - Welcome to Yanoun

Deep into the Westbank, after having crossed the Qalandya Checkpoint, got off the Bus in Ramallah, where we hired a collective Taxi (Service) to Za’tara Junction, met our driver there, we finally reach Yanoun, our home for the next couple of months.

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