Reverse culture shock

I just experienced how it feels when no clean water comes out of the tap for a day. And I know how it feels to shower with water I boiled and stored in bottles because tap water was so contaminated that I got rashes, for months. And here, we flush the toilet with water clean enough to drink.

Precious Water

Precious water in the desert. (Jordan Valley, Palestine 08/04/2014)

The “Rest of the World”

Last week has witnessed once more horrible terror attacks.

What happened in Paris is deeply shocking and saddening, and I want to express my condolence to the families and friends of the 17 victims.

Though, while the world's media still focus on polemics about freedom of speech vs. islamophobia vs. anti-Semitism, more than 2000 people perished under Boko Haram-fire in Nigeria. Why is there nobody to claim #JeSuisBaga and #JeSuisMaiduguri?