Nuba Mountains: "I have never left the war zone"

Reblog from Nuba Reports.

Reblog: Stranded at the Swiss Border

In August, I travelled to Como, at the Swiss-Italian border where people seeking refuge strand as Swiss authorities don't let them through. On this occasion, I did some research for an NGO and wrote a testimonial (in German) which was now published on their campaign website for humane asylum politics Farbe bekennen.

Stranded in Como: "Behind us the sea, before us this huge invisible wall"


Croatian TV also reported on our action. I wish I understood what they say.

Borders Kill

Kathy and Jonathan's last piece from the outer border.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch confirms what I was writing yesterday, that Hungary is violating fundamental Human Rights with its new policy, which exposes refugees to further persecution.

Reblog video: Refugeecamp Röszke

My awesome teammates Kathy and Jonathan's piece is online.