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My awesome teammates Kathy and Jonathan's piece is online.

Night Shift

Nine thirty in the evening, time to get up. I make some coffee and have a cigarette, as every morning. I gather warm clothes and stuff I'll need out there. I have the feeling this is going to be a long night. With the team, we cook pasta and have a meal together before we leave.

Our shift starts at midnight. The outgoing team briefs us about the current situation and hands us over the radios. We have three public tents, one where we hand out tea and coffee, one where we provide electricity to charge mobile phones and WiFi, and one big sleeping tent.

Everything left behind

Everything left behind (Röszke, 13/09/2015)

At The Outer Border

Wednesday evening. I get an e-mail calling for people ready to travel in the next few days to the European outer border in Hungary and volunteer as peacekeepers at the crossing. It's an organisation I'm proud of having been working with for long years, well known for a very different kind of activities. But we are trained in non-violent intervention and know how to de-escalate tense situations. I don't need to finish reading the message to know I want to do that.

Juste un partage

C'est en français, ok. Et alors? Un billet puissant, que je ne peux pas ne pas partager.

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December 2014. It's been three months I came back to Switzerland from Palestine, but it still feels like three days. I miss Palestine and keep it present wearing my Kuffyiah and Falastinyia t-shirt all the time. Even if a new assignment stays before, in another part of the world. Everything is ready.

The sun rises every day

The sun rises every day, even in Palestine. (Yanoun 07/04/2014)

The “Rest of the World”

Last week has witnessed once more horrible terror attacks.

What happened in Paris is deeply shocking and saddening, and I want to express my condolence to the families and friends of the 17 victims.

Though, while the world's media still focus on polemics about freedom of speech vs. islamophobia vs. anti-Semitism, more than 2000 people perished under Boko Haram-fire in Nigeria. Why is there nobody to claim #JeSuisBaga and #JeSuisMaiduguri?

Life Story

For a workshop about youth in Palestine in a Swiss secondary school, I asked a few Palestinian Teenagers to introduce themselves to the Swiss teenagers in a short self-portrait. This is one of the texts I received from Palestine:

Israeli Armed Forces and Children’s Rights

A Context of Increasing Violence

In these days, Israel is carpet bombing a land strip in which the average age is 17 years, killing children by dozens and asserting their deaths are unintended. Israel provoked a humanitarian crisis under the guise of self-defence, of its fight against terrorism. But let us turn back time a couple of weeks and remember what has happened in the eastern part of Palestine, in the occupied West Bank.

Proud Palestinian Boys

Proud Palestinian Boys. (Qusra 01/06/2014)

The Jordan Valley – The Strategy behind Demolitions and Displacements

Fadia is angry. Today, she came from Fasayel to Ramallah with many other villagers from the Jordan Valley to protest in front of the UN OCHA building. The Jordan Valley needs international attention. The Jordan Valley needs international support.

 Fadia is angry

Fadia adresses the protesters and medias to tell her story of displacement. (Ramallah 28/05/2014)