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Today in Palestine: Bad News from At-Twayel again

Today, in Palestine, after having demolished the rebuilt houses and confiscated the tents last Monday, the Israeli authorities showed up in At-Twayel again.

rebuilt house demolished

Follow-up At-Twayel

Since the demolition of At-Twayel on the 29. April, we visited the families several times. Some sort of a friendship began to develop. Every time we came, they welcomed us with tea, coffee and invitations for a meal. We loved to see how every day life had come back to the village. The families had settled in the tents, reconstruction of the houses went on quickly. The citizens of Aqraba came down to At-Twayel for Friday prayer, which took place in a shelter put up next to the ruins of the mosque.

Friday Prayer

Today, in Palestine: House Demolitions in At-Twayel

Today, in Palestine, 300 troops and four bulldozers were mobilised to demolish homes and a place of prayer. Today, in Palestine, 27 people, 19 of them children, were made homeless. Today, in Palestine, the village of At-Twayelwas almost completely wiped out. But today, in Palestine, people stay sumood. All we can do to help, is tell their story.

Today, early in the morning, in At-Twayel, Palestine...

Early Morning in Tawayel

"A revolutionary without education is nothing"

In contact with Palestinians, it did not take much to realise how much education is worth for them. “Education is the only resource we have”, they say. One of our friends the students of Burin school know well told us, he said to them “Guys, the occupier want you to be uneducated, because it is easier to control you if you don’t understand what is happening around you”; while a former student of the same school, who is now very engaged for the young in the village explained to me “We need to be educated in order to fight the occupation. A revolutionary without education is nothing”.

Ahlan wa-sahlan fi Yanoun - Welcome to Yanoun

Deep into the Westbank, after having crossed the Qalandya Checkpoint, got off the Bus in Ramallah, where we hired a collective Taxi (Service) to Za’tara Junction, met our driver there, we finally reach Yanoun, our home for the next couple of months.

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